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A day in the park collection
A day in the park collection
A day in the park collection


£13.80 inc.VAT

A day in the park collection.

This pack offers variety of planting material for any small project or a starting point from which to work.

Use as part of a realistic landscape, fantasy setting or a one-off project as a gift or display aid for, perhaps, jewellery. As the pack says 'limited only by your imagination'.

Contents (may vary slightly from this list):

Bench (24mm wide x 19mm high x 6mm (seat) deep approx. 1:87 scale), 10 small shrubs 12mm high with planting spigot, paper-backed grass sheet 125 x 88mm, herringbone pattern embossed plastic sheet 120 x 70mm, 5 sunflowers 20mm high with planting spigot (head 6mm diam.), 3 twisted-wire trees 70mm – 82mm overall height, small packet of gravel and stones, 5 flowering plants 15mm high with planting spigot, textured sponge for hedges and/or plant clumps approx. 65 x 23 x 20mm made up from two shades of green.

‘Enchanted Forest’ and ‘Veggies in bloom’ are available to order – please call 020 7264 1288 or email