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ALJA-SAFE ® 1.36KG (CL30003)

£35.00 inc.VAT
C&C available

Alja-Safe® is a new addition to the Smooth-On family of "Life Casting" mould making materials. It is suitable for making "temporary" moulds of the face, hands, and other body parts. 

Alja-Safe® is an exceptional skin safe body moulding material, Alja-Safe® alginate does not contain free crystalline silica (a known carcinogen). Alja-Safe® also captures detail better than other alginates, giving you a more accurate reproduction of your original.

Alja-Safe® is easy to use and cures quickly. It reproduces fine detail and makes and excellent temporary mould - good for one or two reproductions of any body part. You can then cast plaster, polymer modified gypsum or quick setting urethane resin into the mould to make a reproduction.

Note:all specifications obtainedusing  23°C water.

Working time and demould time can be reduced by using warmer water. Cooler water will give a longer working time and extend the demould time.