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Polypropylene frosted sheet
Polypropylene frosted sheet
Polypropylene frosted sheet


£2.70 inc.VAT

Polypropylene frosted sheet.

Sheet size 1.2 x 297 x 420mm

Alternative polypropylene frosted sheet are available below.

These sheets have a frosted / transluscent appearence - matt on one side, satin on other.

Translucent polypropylene is a very popular material for making covers for brochures, folders etc.

Can be used for creating lamp shades, although care should be taken that there is enough distance between the film and the light (heat) source because polypropylene`s heat-resistance is not unlimited.

Cutting polypropylene sheets can be done especially well using a guiIllotine paper cutter or a blade and straight edge.

The sheets can be stamped using normal punching tools. Making a groove for a hinge or a fold should be done with a round groove knife working on an even, solid surface.