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Clear sculpt gel
Clear sculpt gel


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Clear sculpt gel.


For instant skin SFX.

Like regular sculpt gel but as this is transparent it can be coloured using silicone pigments making it more versitile, especially for fantasy characterisation.

This silicone system enables the make up artist to apply the prosthetic easily and directly to the person without creating any moulds or without doing any lifecasts.

Scuplt gel comes with a third part that softens the material to a gel for those neck scars where you need that stretch for life like appearance.

Great for rapid application! This material is best used for creating wounds, scars, burns, bullet holes, noses, ears etc, without the need to create expensive moulds. SculptGel can be used as a two or three part system and gives you approximately 4-5 minute sculpt time on the body. It can be softened so that the skin movement is better for soft areas such as the neck.


  • Can be applied directly to the body
  • 3 part system
  • Good edge detail
  • Fast curing
  • Intrinsic skin colour
  • Very easy to use


  • Quick to apply, no moulds required
  • Hardness can be adjusted to GEL
  • Edges can be blended away
  • Quicker time on set

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