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1:12 brick sheeting
1:12 brick sheeting

1:12 BRICK 600 × 200MM PK10 (MW10121)

£93.80 inc.VAT
C&C available

1:12 brick sheeting.

Order this codes for multiples of 10 of item MW10120 (lower price per sheet)

This product is made of XPS foam (Styrofoam), the bricks are true to 1:12 scale for modern stock bricks.

Stretcher Bond pattern, where bricks are laid with only their stretchers showing, on both sides of the sheet (the mortar lines may not line up). The brick courses run parallel to the long length. You can build a higher wall by cutting along the ‘mortar’ line.

The foam texture is perfect to represent a brick texture.

Anything containing solvent will melt the product.

The ideal adhesive is UHU POR – support the join until dry.

Being 10mm thick no additional support is necessary.

Easily cut with any blade 10mm+ long.

A neat corner can be achieved using mitred edges.

See David Neat’s guide Creating surfaces with Kapa-line foamboard (2.8Mb PDF) to create bricks in other scales/patterns.

Colour using any non-solvent based paint.