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Our wide range of adhesives should cover every eventuality a model maker may meet. If you are unsure about which adhesive you need, you can refer to our Adhesives Guide or call our shop for advice.
Our range includes: Adhesive Sprays, Adhesive Tapes, Contact Adhesives, General Adhesives, Hot Glue Adhesives, Methane Based Adhesives, Super Glues, Two Part Epoxy Adhesives and Water Based Adhesives.


From life casting products to clays and plasticine, our range of casting products is being constantly added to as new products come on the market.
The current range includes: 2 Part Moulding Media, Clay & Sculpting, Fillers, Foams, Glass Fibre, Life Casting & Prosthetics, Metal, Plasters, Moulds, Release agents, Resin, Rubbers, Sculpting Tools, Wax and Accessories.


Includes: Body casting materials, make up, Worbla, set construction products including Palight.


Includes: Display Cases, Plaques and Turntables.


Our electrical range of products includes: Batteries & Holders, Bulbs & Holders, Circuit Accessories, Electrical Wire, Fibre Optics, Gears, Motors, Switches and Transformers.


Here you will find all sorts of hardware includes: Chain, Hinges, Jewellery, Joints, Magnets, Miscellaneous Fixings, Nails & Pins, Nuts & Bolts, Pulleys, Rubber Band and Screws & Screw Eyes.


A comprehensive range of finishes including: Fabric Treatments, Fillers, Humbrol Tinlets, Metal Leaf and Foils, Brushes, Brush-on Paint, Spray Paint, Painting Accessories, Primers, Rosco theatre paints, Textured finishes, Thinners, Timber treatments, Transfers, Treatments, Varnishes and Water Effects.


Cubic Fun 3D Puzzle, Metal Earth, tool kits, UGears and Scenic kits.


Many of these items are manufactured in our workshop that also offers bespoke scenic work. Our range includes: Green Trees, Black & White Trees, Trees in Blossom, Oak & Lime Trees, Pastel & Cork Trees, Pine & Cedar of Lebanon Trees, Silver Birch & Copper Beech Trees, Winter Trees, String & Wire Conifers Trees, String & Wire Cypress Trees, String & Wire Deciduous Trees, String & Wire Poplar Trees, Palm Trees, Schematic Trees, Plant & Tree Materials, Ground Cover, Hedges, Lichen and Plants.


Includes: Catalogues, Hardback Books and Paper Backs.


We cover all the major architectural and hobby scales: 1:4000 Scale, 1:2500 Scale, 1:2000 Scale, 1:1250 Scale, 1:1000 Scale, 1:750 Scale, 1:500 scale, 1:400 scale, 1:333 scale, 1:250 scale, 1:220 scale, 1:200 scale, 1:160 scale, 1:150 scale, 1:120 Scale, 1:100 Scale, 1:87 Scale, 1:76 Scale, 1:75 Scale, 1:50 Scale, 1:43 Scale, 1:32 Scale, 1:25 Scale, 1:24 Scale, 1:22.5 Scale, 1:20 Scale, 1:19 Scale, 1:12 Scale, 1:10 Scale and No Scale.


Create your own printing blocks by carving lino tiles, great for making greetings cards, the range includes: Lino Cutting and Media.


Pyrography or pyrogravure is the art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks using a pyrography tool. The range includes: Tools and Wooden Items.


This is a large section of our products and includes all the fundimental materials used in 3D construction, includes: Card, Cork, Foam, Styrofoam, Foamboard, General Sheet Material, Mesh, Metal, Miscellaneous, Non Specific Scale, Paper, Plastics, Reflective Material, Rubber Sheet, Textile, Thread, String & Ribbon and Wood Sheet.


Pre-shaped products that include: Angles, Balls, Cubes & Eggs, Channels, Circular Rod, Discs, Domes, H Columns, Half Rod, I Beams, Miscellaneous, Open Web Truss, Quarter Rod, Square & Rectangular Strip, T Sections, Triangular Rod, Tubes, Unusual Shapes and Wire.


A wide range of model makers tools that includes: Abrasive Items, Airbrushes & Accessories, Anvils, Carving & Sculpting Tools, Electric Tools & Accessories, Flock machines, Hammers, Chisels & Punches, Hand Drills, Hot Wire Cutters, Inspection Tools, Knives & Cutters, Liquid Applicators, Mats, Measuring Tools, Pliers, Pyrography, Safety Equipment, Saws, Screwdrivers & Allen keys, Soldering, Stationery, Squares, Storage, Tool Kits, Tweezers and Vices.


End of line items.


Includes: Citadel, Gorilla Glue, Mouldlife, Preiser, Proxxon and Smooth-on.


This is where you can pay to be on our freelance model makers directory.


Our on site workshop offers a range of services for model makers and designers. Our experienced staff offer a full artwork service and aim to turnaround most jobs in a day and a half.


We can turn your drawings into frets of brass or nickel silver - great for architectural detailing and name plates.


We can turn your artwork into a single colour, multi colour or foil transfers.


Laser cutting and engraving with the model maker in mind. Our staff have a wealth of experience and have worked on a wide range of materials and are always happy to offer advise.


Details of our 3D Printing service.


We produce precisely layered vinyl images. This service is also useful for projects where complicated masking is required.


We will replicate your master in white metal or resin.


Highly detailed made made model trees made to order. We will copy any tree from any source at any scale.


We will replicate your master in white metal or resin.


Our technical staff are on hand to help you with any artwork preparation or provide a full artwork service.


In our information section you will find a wide range of resources useful to model makers.


A list of model makers available to help you with your project.


Current model making vacancies.


Guides to basic model making techniques, products and specific projects. Includes our guide to making a Motte & Bailey Castle with full base and building plans.


Full time and short courses involving model making.


A selection of customers finished models that used 4D products. To submit your own model, send images and description of 4D products used to


A directory of model making companies. To submit your own company, send details to


You can apply for a credit account here.


The annual graduate model makers recruitment fair organised by 4D modelshop held in June in London every year.


Information for architectural students on our sketch modelling products and guides.


A list of companies and organisations that we think will be of particular use to our customers.


A list of basic products we recommend you need in your toolbox.


Current and impending shows and exhibitions.


Products and services useful for Christmas store and window displays.


A collection of black products for store and window displays, especially good for jewellery displays.


Shop and workshop opening hours, all contact details and downloadable location map.

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