Model Making Materials

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1:50 seated figures
1:50 seated figures
1:50 seated figures


£9.50 inc.VAT

1:50 seated figures.

The pack states there’s 15 figures but there are 2 sprues of 8 figures, so actually 16 in total.

Pack comprises 6 females, 8 males, 2 toddlers together with 2 highchairs and 2 laptops.

One style of male and two styles of female, both have separate arms, giving the potential of positioning to suit your model.

A liquid solvent is the advised method of joining the arms to the body.

Use a sharp, fine blade (a scalpel is ideal) to remove the pieces from the sprue.

This is not a toy and small parts are a potential choking hazard.

Made from injection-moulded white plastic.

If you intend to paint:

  • Leave the figure(s) on the sprue.
  • Attach the arms.
  • Spray with a plastic primer (grey or white, depending on how dark your final finish will be).
  • Paint on the detail.
  • Dry-brushing a darker shade lightly over will bring out some of the detail.
  • Carefully cut from the sprue and spot paint the resultant bare plastic to finish.