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Bamboo sticks
Bamboo sticks


£1.60 inc.VAT

Bamboo sticks.

600mm long.

Pack of 25.

These bamboo sticks are manufactured as a gardening aid. We stock them to afford an inexpensive way to build structures and to add strength, when used as a support.

Each stick is approximately 4mm in diameter, but will vary within a pack (and even from one end of a stick to the other). The surface is inconsistent: sometimes smooth, sometimes quite rough. They are coloured green (again tone/shade will vary within each pack).

Bamboo is very strong. Use a junior hacksaw or woodsaw to cut (see related items below). Mechanical joining (string, cable ties) will be more successful for joining – mainly because the sticks are round and also because the surface is not very absorbent.

Bamboo with add strength as it doesn’t bend easily – so not suitable for use where a curve is required. Cover well with an appropriate primer, if you need them coloured, then add the top colour.