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Traditional bark cloth
Traditional bark cloth
Traditional bark cloth


£14.45 inc.VAT

Traditional bark cloth.

Approximate size 400 x 300mm.

Bark cloth is made in Uganda and is the oldest manufactured textile in the world. It is made from the renewing bark of the East African ‘Mutuba’ fig tree, so is harvested without cutting down any trees. Translucent, heat-resistant to 200°C.
Each piece is unique in appearance, colour, colour tone and thickness. Some pieces will have small holes and/or with larger holes and splits filled or stitched. The images you see are a representation only. Some smaller pieces may be available to buy in-store. Formable without heat.
This is an unusual and interesting textile. Great for book binding, fashion and jewellery applications, lamp shades, live role play, theatre/film costumes (make pieces removable as this is not washable), set dressing; use with cork and timber products for architecture models (bark cloth for grass areas) – in fact the only limit is your imagination!
Being a porous material, extreme care needs to be taken when using adhesive as it will very likely soak through to the front, affecting the appearance. Cut using a rotary cutter, scissors or knife.
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