Model Making Materials

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No.1 6.4mm brass screws
No.1 9.5mm brass screws
No.3 9.5mm brass screws
No.3 12.7mm brass screws


From £1.50 inc.VAT

Brass screws

Packs of 20.

Different sizes of No.1 and No. 3 available (see drop down box).

These are solid brass counter sunk flat head screws. They are great for numerous hobby, art, crafts, woodworking and modelmaking applications.

Non corrosive so can be used where damp conditions may be present.

Small screws can prove to be tricky to position.

Tip: use a tiny bit of Tacky Wax on the tip of the screwdriver to move the screw into position – leaves your hand free to support the piece of work, if it’s not clamped. Particularly helpful for those with one hand or affected by other physical/co-ordination challenges.