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Clear casting resin Bio-resin 250ml.

This high-quality, clear, polyester resin, is sometimes called ‘bio-resin’ due to it’s suitability for inlaying natural products such as fish, lizards, flowers and butterflies. The advantage is that these objects do not shrink or change colour so they can be viewed in their natural state.

The resin can also be used for all manor of projects including inlaying photographs, coins, technical parts (screws, electrical parts), dried plants, jewellery and key fobs.

The resin is U/V stable, preventing yellowing of the cured castings.

The resin contains an additive called XOR (xerophile operations recipient) that allows very delicate objects that have been pretreated with resin compatible chemicals can be inlayed.

The additive means the resin is more liquid than standard resins, penetrating into even the finest details such as the hairs on a bumble bee or even a blooming dandelion.

Casting Technique (detailed instructions are included with the product).

  • Ensure work area is covered with a plastic sheet for protection.
  • Take your mould and cast a thin base coat (4-6mm thick) in the bottom.
  • Place your object on this layer and pour the resin over.
  • Lastly, fill the mould so it reaches the brim
  • Place a cover foil over the top and weigh down with a flat object*
  • Pull off the cover when dry.

*this will ensure you achieve a mirror smooth finish, when air dried polyester resins tend to harden sticky and slightly wavy.