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4.8mm copper tape
4.8mm copper tape

COPPER TAPE 4.8MM WIDE X 32.8M (EC00025)

£8.95 inc.VAT

Copper tape

4.8mm wide x 32.8m

This Copper Tape is fantastic for making circuits on Dolls Houses, Model Railways & most Hobby applications when a 12 volt power supply is required.

The Tape is run in twin strip to every part where a power connection needs to be made.

Example, in a Dolls House work out where your lights will be placed and then run the copper tape so that you can easily connect to the twin Tape run.

When you need to go round corners, simply fold the tape neatley and continue with the Tape run.

When you need to go over another run, just use a small piece of electrical tape or sticky tap to insulate from the tape run below.

Soldering is the best method for connections.

Please note: This tape is ONLY for low voltage 12v and lower and not to exceed 5 amps. All circuits must be protected with a suitable Fuse.