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E-Z Water
E-Z Water
E-Z Water

E-Z WATER™ 473ML (FT30007)

£16.60 inc.VAT
C&C available

E-Z Water™ 473ml

Easy to use. Good for deep, single pours.

No measuring or mixing.

Just heat and pour E-Z Water to form ponds, streams, rivers and harbours.

Non-toxic, low-odour product that hardens in minutes.

Reheat with a heat gun to shape various accents, such as ripples, waves, rapids and to remove scratches.

Your layout must be efficiently sealed, before pouring E-Z water.

We recommend using plaster plaster bandages, Foamcoat, or generous layers of PVA.

Contents cover 993 cm² (154 in²) when poured to a depth of 3.2mm (1/8 in).

Total volume: 473 ml (16oz)

Woodland Scenics C1206