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Black EVA craft foam


£3.50 inc.VAT

Black EVA craft foam.

10 x 500 x 500mm

Larger 10mm sheets are available in the products below.

Craft Foam (often called Cosplay foam or EVA foam) is ideal for crafting, either by freehand or templates.

This Craft Foam has been used from a wide range of projects: From Fashion to Armour Builds, it is very versatile.

The foam is smooth on both sides, flexible and light in weight. Can be heat formed, glued & cut with ease.

Density: 45kg/m³

Use contact adhesive (Uhu will work if applied to both surfaces then allowed to go tacky). PVA will not work. Super glues (cyanoacrylates) work well for small pieces – adding details, for instance. A hot glue gun can be used – with care (and not advised for 2mm). The heat of the glue will affect the thermos-formable material.

Use a pyrography tool for engraving details.

Information sheet available: A guide to EVA foam (1.7Mb PDF)