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Black Fimo Professional Polymer Clay


£4.00 inc.VAT

Black Fimo Professional Polymer Clay


It is a high specification product with absolute colour accuracy and consistent high quality. It is firmer than Fimo Soft and holds fine detail well.

Black Fimo Professional is an easy to use formula of polymer clay which can be moulded, sculpted, shaped, cut, rolled, textured and blended to create an almost unlimited array of polymer clay jewellery designs.

This white clay can be mixed together with coloured Fimo to lighten the clay.

Mixing the clay will at first produce a marble effect, continue to mix to give you a new consistant colour.

To set the polymer clay, bake in a conventional oven at 110°C for 30 minutes.

Each 85g block of Fimo Professional is also marked into eight smaller, equally sized portions, making cutting and blending calculations simple.