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Flexi-carve silicone
Flexi-carve silicone
Flexi-carve silicone
Flexi-carve silicone


£6.80 inc.VAT

Flexi-carve silicone

Create clean-cut custom texture designs straight from your imagination, with these Flexi-Carve Silicone Carving Plates.

The silicone is rigid enough to be used again and again, but is still nice and flexible to use like a texture tile.

Draw a design on in pencil or pen, then carve out using a sharp Carving Tool such as our V-Shaped Carving Tool.

Make the most of it - use both sides

Flexi-Carve also makes a great cutting surface, as your tools won’t scratch the surface.

You don’t even need any non-stick products, as metal clay doesn’t stick to silicone!

Gently wash with a toothbrush under running water.
Made from pure silicone.
Dimensions: Approx 50mm x 150mm x 2mm thick