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Flock adhesive 250ml (green)


£7.15 inc.VAT
C&C available

Oil based green adhesive to colour surface and provide good adhesion for green flock.

Being green in colour the Flock Adhesive will stop the glare of a white base from grinning through the translucency of the flock.

It is matt finish so will not add any sheen to your work.

Oil-based paint will stay open for longer than PVA. Leave for at least 8 hours (preferably 24 hours) to dry.

Not suitable for children without adult supervison. Use in a well-ventilated area.


Hand paint the flock adhesive onto the grass areas then while wet sprinkle on the grass flock, ideally through a flour sieve, and leave to dry over night, knocking the excess flock off in the morning.