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Forest in a box small pieces


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Forest in a box small pieces.

Shoe box size box packed with dried sea foam to replicate trees.

Sizes of individual trees may vary from 60 - 140mm.

The 'trees' are natural type ground cover, indigenous to Artic regions of Scandinavia.

The intricate detail and branch structure provide an incredible scale tree, either on its own or used as branches on a twisted wire tree - see our guide Create a Sea Foam tree (2.1MB PDF).

Use filler and textures to strengthen and foliate your trees.

Overseas orders: This product is totally or partly a natural plant material and may not be permitted to enter your country without an appropriate certificate. We cannot provide a certificate and so, if it is likely to be banned being imported into your country, please do not add it to your order. If you order this item we will send it and we are not liable to provide compensation if the goods are removed, destroyed or if delivery is delayed or damaged by your customs officials.