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Glass frosting for etched glass effects


£7.94 inc.VAT
RRP £10.25

Glass frosting for etched glass effects.


This is an acrylic medium which creates the stunning visual effect of etched glass.

Designed for interior use, it can be used on most glass and plastics.

May also be used with stencils to transform plain glass panels (we recommend using oiled manilla paper).

Ideal for: windows, mirrors, shower screens, frosted glass effect & decorative stencil effects.

  • easy to apply
  • water wash up
  • water based
  • low odour
  • quick drying

Apply with a brush, or use a roller for a textured finish, wash brushes and tools in water before product dries.

Covers 8m² per litre and dries in 2-4 hours at room temperature (humidity will affect drying time).

After drying surfaces can be cleaned with soapy water (no harsh detergents or cleaners).

Always test first in a hidden spot.

Protect from extremes of temperature during use and storage.


Ensure good ventilation.

Manufactured in the UK by Polyvine.