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Blue Glow Worm pigment
Blue Glow Worm pigment


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Blue Glow Worm pigment.

Glow Worm phosphorescent powders can be added to Smooth-On liquid plastics, rubbers and foams to create castings that glow in the dark after being charged with light.

Used as directed and after being light charged as recommended, castings made with Glow Worm powders will glow in the dark at least 10 times longer than other glow powders.

Glow-in-the-dark castings are used for Halloween theming displays, home hobby projects, aquariums, store displays and more.

These materials are also used for industrial marking, municipal safety applications and more.

For best results, use Glow Worm powders with a fast-curing translucent resin such as Smooth-Cast 325.

The fast curing resin allows uniform filler dispersion throughout the finished casting. If the resin system is too slow, fillers may settle unevenly in the finished casting.

Glow Worm powders can also be added to translucent / clear silicone rubbers such as Dragon Skin or EcoFlex Series for glow in the dark props that are soft and flexible.

Glow Worm® powders can also be blended to create additional finished effects.