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Gorilla Glue
Gorilla Glue
Gorilla Glue


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Gorilla Glue 60ml/2oz.

"Toughest Glue on Planet Earth"

Gorilla Glue is the preferred choice for repair jobs and tough building due to its sticking power and open working time.

It is a versatile glue ideal for most household fixes and building repairs, indoors or out. It is 100% waterproof and won't breakdown when exposed to moisture.

It is temperature resistant and therefore unaffected by extreme heat or cold.

In case of a glue line, finishing is easy as the line is paintable, stainable and sandable.

Gorilla Glue offers more coverage as the glue foams to 3 times it's size.     

  • Glues wood, stone, metal, ceramics, glass, foam and more.
  • 100% waterproof for outdoor use
  • Odourless polyurethane, so no nasty smells
  • 3 year shelf life & once opened lasts up to a year
  • Goes on dark, neutral when dry
  • Doesn't leave glue lines with stains & finishes
  • Solvent, shock & heat resistant
  • Long open clamping time
  • Sand or chisel easily with hand tools when dry