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Gorillaweld epoxy
Gorillaweld epoxy


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Gorilla Heavy Duty GorillaWeld Steel Bond 2-Part Epoxy.

GorillaWeld is an incredibly strong, heavy duty two part adhesive. The tough, steel bond epoxy formula has a 4250 PSI bond strength and sets in 10 minutes. GorillaWeld is waterproof and versatile, creating a long lasting, permanent bond to: metal, concrete, ceramics, PVC, fibreglass, stone, foam, PVC sheet (not pipe) and plastics*.

*Not recommended for use on polyethylene or polypropylene plastics.

  • Incredibly Strong: 4250 PSI.
  • Withstands extreme temperatures -40ºC to +148°C.
  • Sets in 10 Minutes, full cure 24 hrs.
  • When cured can be shaped, sanded, filed, tapped and drilled.
  • Resistant to water when fully cured.
  • Forms permanent bond.
  • Fills gaps.
  • Dries dark grey.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Trusted Gorilla brand.