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Hydrangea pack


£11.95 inc.VAT
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The pack contains 12 plants, 6 plants each of 2 colours.

12.7mm made for HO 1:87 scale models.

Shrub hydrangeas can range in size from 0.8m to 7m in height with a spread of 0.9m to 2.5m. This means these miniature hydrangeas would suit most models. However, the bloom size means that 1:100 is the smallest for which they are really suitable.

Flower colour in the real plant is affected by the acidity of the soil: acid soil makes blue or mauve flowers with pink being the result of growing in alkaline soil. Therefore, if you are creating a realistic scenario, do not plant the different colours together. White blooms are variety-specific so can be planted anywhere. The pink and white variants could also pass as rose bushes.