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Black Imagetrace paper
Black Imagetrace paper
Black Imagetrace paper
Black Imagetrace paper


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Black Imagetrace paper

A wax free pure graphite tracing paper.

Pack of 5 A4 sheets.

Use Imagetrace like carbon paper to transfer your design, sketch, pattern or template onto any surface.

Place the sheet of Imagetrace colour side down on the surface you want to transfer your design to.

Next, place your design or template on top of the sheet of Imagetrace and using a stylus or tracing wheel, follow the outline of the design to create a fine crisp line. You may have to experiment and adjust the pressure to get the desired result.

Suggested Colour uses:

Black - An all purpose tracing medium. Eliminates artists having to handmake their transfer sheets. The coating is pure graphite - no wax or grease, so the tracing may be inked or painted over without skipping. Easily erased with a soft eraser without smearing.

White (see below) - For work on dark surfaces. Many artists even use white on white as the matt quality makes it visible. Excellent for tole painting (folk art of decorative painting on tin and wooden utensils, objects and furniture).

  • For use on paper, fabrics, canvas, ceramics, glass, wood, metal and lino tiles for printing.
  • Acid free for scrapbooking and cardmaking.
  • Creates clean, crisp tracings that can be easily erased and inked or painted over.
  • Ideal for design, illustration, crafts, art, fabric painting, dress making and industrial aplications.
  • Economical - can be used over and over again.