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404 ruler grip spray


£8.99 inc.VAT

404 ruler grip spray.

OD 404 is a ruler grip adhesive which remains slightly tacky to aid when cutting with rulers or templates.

  • Also use on machine stencils, quilting patterns, home décor projects and art work.
  • A good addition to any creative tool box
  • Does not stain or leave any residue.

In tests we found the OD404 ruler grip adhesive performed better than 3M Spray Mount, when used for temporarily fixing stencils to items when spray painting.

The grab was superior and there was no residue left at all – with the 3M product there was residue. We also found that OD404 stayed tacky for longer when repositioning several times (Jess of Alchemy Forge FX).

Spray lightly 20cm away from the back of the item. Wait 45 seconds for the glue to cure, then press firmly into place.

Glued items can be repositioned.


By law we cannot sell this product to anyone under 18 years old.
By law we cannot send overseas.