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Oiled manilla
Oiled manilla

OILED MANILLA 0.45 × 375 × 510MM (RK12451)

£4.50 inc.VAT
C&C available

Oiled manilla

0.45 x 375 x 510mm

The waxy nature of the paper allows a very smooth cut even on small or compound curves because if offers less resistance to the blade.

It is great for making stencils as it cuts very cleanly with no frays to give a very straight cutting line even spray painting.

Oiled manila can be cut using a laser cutter.

  • 275gsm
  • Water resistant
  • Ideal for traditional stencils (See our guide Making a Stencil from Oiled Manilla)
  • Recommended for David Neat’s scale furniture making (see our guide Working with Oiled Manilla 2.7Mb PDF)
  • Can be cut with a knife, scissors or by laser (see our laser cutting service
  • Will take PVA adhesives, superglue, inks and stains (representing scale wood)
  • Responds well to scoring and bending