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3mm grey Plastazote LD45


From £5.40 inc.VAT

Grey LD45 Plastazote sheets.

3mm thick, see drop down box for sheet sizes.

A small sheet is also available (see below).

LD45. Nitrogen expanded cross linked foams offer consistency of cell structure and density. They are non-absorbent and are the lightest foam available.

This product offers great heat forming and cutting properties while maintaining a stable and rigid form, making it ideal for Cosplay & Live Action Role Play (LARP) projects.

Cut Plastazote with a scalpel and safety rule. Plastazote blunts scalpel blades quite quickly, so change the blade if the plastazote starts to bobble.

Stick with a contact adhesive, practice gluing Plastazote with some scrap material.

With a spreading stick, spread a layer as thin as possible completely covering both surfaces, let the glue become touch dry, then press the Plastazote pieces together firmly for at least 10 seconds.

Be accurate as the glue is not repositionable.

Plastazote can be primed with Plasti Dip, Hexflex or SEAL Prime.


  • UV resistant.

Information sheet available: A guide to EVA foam (1.7Mb PDF)