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Sea wall 8568
Sea wall 8568
Sea wall 8568
Sea wall 8568


£14.45 inc.VAT

Sea wall.

Pack of 2 sheets each measuring 286 x 33mm.

These sheets were developed for HO/N (1:87), but are suitable for most scales, depending on what you want to represent.

They come as a flexible plastic sheet, each end is slanted so more than one length can be joined discretely.

The top edge could be left as is, with a little extra colour applied (although the backing sheet would be visible if viewed directly from above.

The sheet comes coloured but you can change the colour with acrylic paint. The base colour can be removed by rubbing with thinners.

May be cut with a blade or scissors.

Use double-sided tape or sheet to adhere, with superglue (cyanoacrylate) for any pieces which lift.