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Sedge/Love grass
Sedge/Love grass


£8.80 inc.VAT
C&C available

Miniature sedge/love grass for landscape models and scenic dioramas.

This is pre-planted in random arrangement on a paper base (with green/brown scatter covering), over an area of approximately 110 x 145mm.

The plants are approximately 25mm high.

Since this plant typically grows up to between 300mm and 900mm in the UK, this product is suitable for models from 1:50 upwards.

There is an enormous number of sedge varieties and some grow much higher, making this product suitable for models in other areas of the world at smaller scales.

The plants can be used individually by cutting carefully around the plant base.

Adhere using a thick PVA – allow to go tacky before setting on the model (may need additional support whilst drying if not using on the full backing).

Made in Vietnam.
Unknown material(s).
WARNING: Choking hazard. Not suitable for use by children under 14 years old.