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Deluxe Snowflakes
Photography courtesy of Andrew Meredith
Photography courtesy of Andrew Meredith
Deluxe Snowflakes


£18.30 inc.VAT

Scenic Snowflakes are different from other snow because they allow you to add the detailed snow effects that will distinguish your work from other common ‘picture postcard’ winter scenes.

Packed in convenient 500ml container, the snow can easily be dispensed from the specially designed twin size shaker pack.

Coverage up to 1.5m².

Can be bonded using PVA glue.

For Urban Scenes, apply a thin coat of PVA especially to areas where snow normally collects like roofs and window ledges. Then sprinkle the Scenic Snowflakes from side to side.  
You can create ‘slipped’ snow by dabbing Scenic Bond on top & re-applying Scenic Snowflakes.

For Rural Scenes, apply PVA to branches of the trees using a brush and sprinkle Scenic Snowflakes from a height 300mm to give the snow a natural look. Repeat this step to give the desired effect.

For Grass areas use the same technique dropping the snow from 300mm and repeat the process to build areas of ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ snow. This technique also works well on walls.

A Deluxe brand product.

See our guide Creating snow effects (2.3Mb PDF).

 This product is part of our Christmas Collection.