Model Making Materials

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1mm black styrene sheet


From £3.80 inc.VAT

1.0mm thick black styrene sheet

Variety of sizes available (see drop down box).

A smaller sheet of 1.0mm black styrene is also available (see below).

Black Styrene is a flexible but rigid extruded plastic from the polystyrene family.

It is used for cladding on architectural models, vacuum forming and quick builds.

The advantages of styrene over other building materials is speed, score, snap, glue.

You can score the styrene with a scalpel and safety rule, snap for a nice clean break, then glue by running Plastic Weld along the joint with a paint brush.

See our Basic guide to styrene modelling (1.4Mb PDF).

If you need to paint the styrene we recommend using a spray paint after applying a priming coat.