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Black Sugru
Black Sugru
Black Sugru

SUGRU 3 × 5G BLACK (AG00053)

£6.98 inc.VAT

Black Sugru.

3 × 5g

Stick it: Sugru sticks permanently to lots of stuff like ceramics, glass, metal, wood and most plastics and fabrics.

Shape it: It’s time to build, seal, fix, create and stick things together. You have 30 minutes to get the job done.

It turns into rubber: Give it 24 hours. Sugru turns into a durable, flexible silicone rubber that stays stuck (unless you remove it)

Mouldable: fills gaps and replaces missing parts

Strong: durable in all weathers

Temperature resistant up to 180°C and down to -50°C

Dishwasher-proof, saltwater-proof.

Electrically insulating – but take care and use only for small domestic repairs below 24 volts.

May produce an allergic reaction