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Tensol 12 Liquid solvent


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Tensol 12 Liquid solvent 500ml.

For perspex, and acrylic, use when liquid solvent alone is not strong enough. Sets in 3 hours

Made by Bostik Ltd, Tensol 12 adhesive is excellent for edge bonding of acrylic sheet.

Tensol 12 offers good resistance to stress crazing, even on line-bent sections, and high clarity, bubble-free bonds.

Filled systems (ie. thicker glues) such as Tensol 12 offer better gap filling properties than Dichloromethane based glues which have a more water-like consistency and are applied in a different manner.

Tensol 12 is only suitable for internal applications.

For dispensers and applicators see below.

A syringe and needle is recommended for precise application.


It is not possible to transport this item outside mainland UK as it is a hazardous liquid.