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ThermHex sheet
10mm ThermHex sheet
15mm ThermHex sheet

THERMHEX 600 × 1200

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ThermHex sheet

Sheet size 600 x 1200mm

See drop down box for thicknesses available.

ThermHex is a revolutionary material that has two very specific properties – being both lightweight and strong. Made from a Polypropylene (PP) honeycomb core, it is suitable for a wide range of applications including model making, automotive, truck bodies, the marine industry, OEM, industrial equipment and caravan markets, plus many more.

ThermHex is an innovative sandwich panel which has the unique ability to increase strength at a reduced weight, due to its PP Honeycomb core. As a result, ThermHex is the material of choice for many varied applications here in the UK.

Whilst mechanical means of joining are most successful, you may get a satisfactory result by using two-part epoxy adhesives (see below).

Please note:- the faces are not smooth – there’s a textile polypropylene coating on both sides so might need laminating with another material if a smooth finish is required.