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Water Undercoat™ - Deep Blue
Water Undercoat™ - Navy Blue
Water Undercoat™ - Hunter Green
Water Undercoat™ - Moss Green
Water Undercoat™ - Olive Drab
Water Undercoat™ - Yellow Silt
Woodland Scenics Water Undercoat


£9.70 inc.VAT

Water Undercoat


Part of the Woodland Scenics Water System

To colour the base of the water feature for realistic effects.

See drop down box for tints available.

Always shake well before use

Colours may be blended together, or White Water Highlight added for lighter shades

Paint on a light shade near the edge of a stream or beach and a darker shade or shades in the middle to give an illusion of depth

Stipple at the edge, brush on liberally elsewhere to cover all the base.

100% acrylic

Made in USA