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EasyFlo 60
EasyFlo 60

EASYFLO 60 1.9KG (CR20032)

£31.99 inc.VAT
C&C available

EasyFlo 60 is a super low viscosity, 1:1 by volume, polyurethane casting resin that has a 2 min. working time and a 15-30 min. demould.

This is a super easy to use product that is infinitely versatile.

Cures to a semi-translucent colour.

All EasyFlo products can be easily colourcast, painted or machined.

Most EasyFlo products can be filled for various cold-cast techniques such as cold-cast bronze, marble, etc.

Thin-walled castings made from EasyFlo have surprising strength and lack the brittleness typical of other low viscosity, fast polyurethane resins.

Great for all hobby, model making and general purpose resin casting applications.

*Mouldlife recently changed the formulation, it originally cured to a bright white colour.

Can be coloured with polyurethane pigments.