Model Making Materials

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TA12001/5 Flexi-Slim-Line Sanders
TA12021/5 Extra Flexi Wide Sanders
TA12031/5 Flexi Wide Sanders


From £2.60 inc.VAT

Dual grit, FlexiSanders x 3

These sanders sets are washable & reusable and offer the following grit combinations:

  • Coarse (60/100) effective material removal
  • Medium (240/400) blending & smoothing
  • Fine (600/1000) finishing & polishing

Flexible for working on flat & contoured surfaces, especially for those hard to reach areas.

Ideal for model making, craft, automotive, jewellery and smaller DIY tasks.

Buying 5 packs all of same type (see drop down box) gives you a saving of 20%.

Packs available:

  • TA12011/5 Flexi-Slim-Line Sanders x3 (90x19x12mm)

Perfect for material removal, polishing and cleaning materials

  • TA12021/5 Extra Flexi Wide Sanders x3 (80x30x6mm)

The sanders can be used for paint preparation, de-nibbing, stripping & sanding rough and built up surfaces. They also create a clean & smooth polish  

  • TA12031/5 Flexi Wide Sanders x3 (80x30x12mm)

The thicker sanders are excellent for completely removing blemishes and scratches whilst restoring a high-gloss finish on materials