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Plastazote foam 6mm black


£5.65 inc.VAT

Black plastazote foam.

Sheet size 6 x 375 x 500mm

A larger sheet is also available (see below).

Plastazote is a closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam.

Application areas include packaging, protective padding in contact sports, automotive, health care and building.

This soft versitile expanded polyethylene is tough but easy to cut & form, can be heat moulded, vac-formed & laminated.

It is often used by prop makers and costume designers.

Cut plastazote with a scalpel and safety rule. Plastizote blunts scalpel blades quite quickly, so change the blade if the plastazote starts to bobble.

Stick with a contact adhesive, practice gluing plastazote with some scrap material.

With a spreading stick, spread a layer as thin as possible completely covering both surfaces, let the glue become touch dry, then press the plastizote pieces together firmly for at least 10 seconds.

Be accurate as the glue is not repositional.

  • Waterproof.
  • UV resistant.