Model Making Materials

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1mm blue styrofoam
10mm blue styrofoam
25mm blue styrofoam
3mm blue styrofoam
165mm blue styrofoam
10mm blue styrofoam
25mm blue styrofoam


From £3.30 inc.VAT

Blue styrofoam sheet.

Please note:- our blue styrofoam is being replaced by dark grey, if you cannot find the size of blue you need, check the dark grey listings.

Density: 52kg m³ (except RF32161 which is 30kg m³).

Variety of sizes available (see drop down box).

Styrofoam is a fantastic model making material.

It can be cut and sanded into all manner of shapes and designs and forms a light weight building block for your model (see our guide Shaping Styrofoam by David Neat).

There is also a specialist glue, UHU Por, specially designed for bonding expanded polystyrene components such as Styrofoam. Other adhesives may dissolve this foam.

Please note: This material will often have some nicks and dents in it and pristine surfaces/edges cannot be guaranteed. We will always send to you the least effected material. Please call us if you have any questions before placing your order.