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Decal paper inkjet clear
Decal paper inkjet clear
Decal paper inkjet clear


£3.90 inc.VAT
C&C available

Clear Decal Film.

215 x 279mm

Use your own inkjet printer to make home decals.

You can also use a colour photocopier to reproduce any decal of your choice.

This material allows you to use existing artwork from books, magazines, clip art or your own original art.

If you need something more professional, we have a Custom Dry Transfer Service, where we can produce colour, multi colour or foil (silver, pale gold, rich gold) or photo quality transfers.


1. First select the image or images you want to scan or create your own graphics in your drawing and printing program. Before you print the images onto decal paper you may want to make sure that everything fits a sample on plain white paper. If everything fits, proceed with printing your art work on the Decal Paper.

2. After printing, we recommend coating the decal with a fine spray of Micro Liquid Film (FT00111). Let this dry and then give it another heavier coat and let it dry thouroughly. If you do not have an airbrush you can use a wide soft brush (FB10021).

This will do two things. It will protect the image from smudging while handling. It will also strengthen the film so it will not bunch up when applying it to your object.

You are now ready to apply your decal as you would any other water slide decal.

3. Cut out the image you wish to apply and place it in a bowl of luke warm water. As soon as it moves easily on the backing paper, remove it from the water.

4. Slightly moisten the area where you are going to apply the decal with Micro Set (FT00109). This will prepare the surface with special wetting agents. Slide the image onto the surface.

5. Use a soft damp cloth to blot away excess liquid and smooth the decal in place.

6. Using a soft brush, apply a light coating of Micro Sol (FT00108). This will soften the decal and allow it to become part of the surface. DO NOT TOUCH it after applying the Micro Sol. Just allow to dry.

Download a copy of these instructions here (1588kb PDF).

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