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1:500/1:400 sail boats
1:500/1:400 sail boats

1:500/1:400 SAIL BOATS PK10 (MB15012)

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RRP £5.99
C&C available

1:500/1:400 sail boats.

These sail boats are injection moulded white styrene. The sail needs to be attached to the boat – using liquid solvent is perfect (see below).

Best prime with plastic primer (see below) before painting on detail. Attach to double sided tape on a piece of ply or card to hold them whilst priming and painting.

10 boats: 2 each 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm long. 14-16mm ones have a ‘cabin’.

10 sails: double sails 2 each 23mm, 22mm, 21mm; 4 single sails 18mm

We’ve listed them as 1:500/1:400 for full-size boats at those scales. They are also suitable for models at 1:25 up to 1:12 as toy boats.

They have flat bases, so will stand un-supported and added to a model directly on to your water surface.  A little gel medium will give the impression of waves around the boat (see below).  Have a look at ‘Finishes’ category, sub-section ‘water effects’ for other ideas.

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