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0.5mm clear PETG plastic sheet
0.5mm clear PETG plastic sheet

CLEAR PETG 0.5 × 510 × 625MM (RS20130)

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Clear PETG plastic sheet

Suitable for thermoforming so can be used for making props and other cosplay elements.


  • Sheet size 0.5 x 510 x 625mm
  • Clear PETG also called extruded copolyester or Vivak.
  • Can be cut to your artwork in our Laser Department



  • Do not expose the sheet with the protective film to outside weathering.
  • When stored in stacks, protect against heat, moisture and direct sunlight.



  • Vivak sheets are suitable for thermoforming at temperatures between 120°C and 160°C.
  • Vivak sheets do not need to be pre-dried.
  • Always remove the protective masking before heating the sheet.



  • Vivak sheets should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 65°C



  • As soon as possible after installation, wash the sheet with lukewarm water containing a neutral detergent and subsequently rince it with clean water. Use a soft sponge, a wool cloth or a chamois for this purpose.
  • Never use sharp objects to remove stains.
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