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Brown faux fur trim
Faux fur grass


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C&C available

Brown faux fur trim.

80mm x 2m


Whilst we have included this brown faux fur trim primarily for cosplay, jewellery and fashion applications, it may also be used to create a semi-dried grass effect:

  • Brush on Flock adhesive (see below for link). Fluff-up the fur so it’s standing up.
  • Place furside-down on the painted surface, don’t press down too much as you want only the tips of the fur to stick.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Take a sharp blade and cut the fur from the backing, leaving a rough ‘hairy’ surface on the model.


After a little practise you can make this look like a field of semi-dried cereal crop.

The green flock adhesive makes it look like the crop has started to dry from the tips, as happens in reality.

We were taught this process by John Lloyd of Green Scene products.

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