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Faux leather
Fawn coloured faux leather
Chestnut brown coloured faux leather
Oak brown coloured faux leather
Grey coloured faux leather


£4.00 inc.VAT

Faux leather.

250 x 475mm

See drop down box for colours available.


This really does look like leather. It’s very soft and flexible. There’s a slight ‘give’ it the direction of the longer side. Fabric reverse so, if you are making something you need to look totally of leather, you will have to double it over, sticking reverse sides together. Can be sewn. For an aged effect apply shoe polish (do a test patch first as this doesn’t always work).


  • It’s great stuck to your moulded Worbla – use a contact adhesive.
  • Faux leather is fantastic for prop making, costume, cosplay & LARP projects.
  • We cut sheets down to this size and will not have anything larger available ex-stock.


Do let us know (via email to, tweet @4dmodelshop, message via Facebook 4Dmodelshop or call Mandy on 020 7264 1284) if you like the product but would prefer to buy it in another size.

We will react to feedback if there are many similar requests. We can order 1m x 1.45m. There may be a wait and/or a delivery charge from the supplier, just call us (020 7264 1288) to find out.

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