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Flocking machine Noch
Flocking machine Noch
Flocking machine Noch
Flocking machine Noch


£160.00 inc.VAT
C&C available

The NOCH grass master is a battery-operated electrostatic flocking machine.

It creates an electrical field so the flock fibres are electrostatically loaded causing them to remain stand up.

Ideal for creating grassed areas on your model or adding texture to a surface.

9v supply (pre installed) includes a nozzle for applying flock to small, targeted areas.

  • Fill the tool container 2/3 with flock.
  • Screw on the fine sieve for short fibres or larger sieve for longer fibres.
  • Attatch the alligator clip to the piece to be flocked (to polarize the device).
  • Switch on and gently shake over glued area.
  • Allow the glue to dry then shake or vacuum off excess flock.
  • We recommend you wear a dust mask.
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