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Habitat Cast N Coat
Habitat Cast N Coat
Habitat Cast N Coat
Habitat Cast N Coat
Habitat Cast N Coat


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Habitat Cast N Coat™ is a filled, two component (A+B) liquid epoxy that can be cast solid or thickened for brushing on / troweling on to vertical surfaces. Material cures to a rock-hard solid with negligible shrinkage.

Habitat Cast N Coat™ certifies to the highest flame rating making it ideal for public space fabrication applications. Also, it is safe for making elements used in proximity to animals/reptiles and aquatic life.

Combined with the folding powder, this product is perfect for making lightweight - yet robust and flame retardant- theatre and display props, when applied to polystyrene foam forms. The original detail is retained: see the video below.

Mix ratio is 1A:1B by volume.

Working time is 85 minutes and material cures overnight (at room temperature).

SO Strong®, UVO® or Ignite® colorants can be added to liquid Cast N Coat™ during mixing to create a variety of colour effects.

Cured epoxy can be sanded and painted with acrylic paints.

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