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Jesmonite AC200
Jesmonite AC200


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Jesmonite AC200 3.0kg kit.

Kit includes: Jesmonite AC200 liquid 1kg (CP10005) + Jesmonite base 2kg (CP10006).


Jesmonite AC200 is a water-based composite material which is used in conjunction with the Jesmonite base (CP10003) and is ideally suited to making masters and prototypes prior to moulding.

It sets to a hard but easily carved surface and can be shaped using a variety of tools including CNC, routers, chisels etc.

Use this in preference to AC100 if you wish to work the material after casting.



  • Water-based, solvent free, No VOCs.
  • Excellent carved detail.
  • Easy tooling and sanding.
  • Ideal to coat polystyrene & model board.



  • Provides an adaptable, mouldable carving medium that is safe and easy to use for all modelling and prototyping applications.
  • Retains excellent edge detail and dimensional stability.
  • No degradation of polystyrene (EPS) substrates thus releasing the full potential of EPS as a lightweight and cheap means to large scale sculpture and masters.
  • Works as an excellent machinable adhesive for EPS & PU model boards.


Jesmonite AC200 Liquid should be used within twelve months from the date displayed on the packaging.


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