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Mold Star 16 FAST
Mold Star 16 FAST
Mold Star 15 SLOW
Mold Star 15 SLOW
Mold Star 30 SLOW
Mold Star 30 SLOW
Mold Star Series Silicone Rubber
Mold Star Series Silicone Rubber


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Mold Star Series Silicone Rubber.

Cured Mold Star is tear resistant, exhibits minimal long-term shrinkage, and will last a long time in your mould library.

Applications include casting wax, gypsum, resins, concrete and other materials.



Mold Star® 15, 16 & 30 are addition-cure silicone mould rubbers ideal for beginners and experts alike, featuring a 1A:1B by volume mix ratio and low mixed viscosity. No gram scale or vacuum chamber required.

Because Mold Star rubber is heat resistant up to 232°C, it is also suitable for casting some low-temperature melt metal alloys.

Use IPA Isopropyl to clean up any uncured material.


NOTE: Mold Star is designed for making pour moulds and is not compatible with Thi-Vex® thixotropic agent. As with any addition-cure or platinum silicone rubber, exposure to sulphur and latex can lead to cure inhibition. Do not use sulphur-based modelling clay or wear latex gloves while processing Mold Star.

Product Name

Pot Life

Demould Time

Net Weight

Mold Star 15 SLOW (Trial Unit)

50 minutes

4 hours

0.9 Kg

Mold Star 16 FAST (Trial Unit)

6 minutes

30 minutes

0.9 Kg

Mold Star 30 SLOW (Trial Unit)

45 minutes

6 hours



Information sheet available for our Resin & Metal Casting Service (1.8Mb PDF).

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