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Realistic Water
Realistic Water


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Realistic Water™ 16fl oz

Use to model still or slow-moving water, such as ponds, rivers and lakes.

No mixing required – pour straight from the bottle.

Build up in 3mm layers, if deeper water is required, allowing to dry between layers.

Use a cocktail stick to push into small spaces (not a brush).

Appears cloudy at first and dries clear in about 24 hours, depending on humidity.

Ideal for applications where you want other items in the water, or for the water to appear to be going around.

Pour over rocks for running water, or seepage effect. (Use ‘Water Effects™’ for waterfalls).

Pour small sections on a non-stick surface, adding concentric ‘ripple’s then peel off and stick to the main body of Realistic Water™ (using a dot or two of more Realistic Water™) for surface details.

OR use gloss gel medium, or other Woodland Scenics water products for a variety of surface effects.

Woodland Scenics C1211

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