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Wooden rolling pin


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Wooden rolling pin.

427 x 36.2mm

This wooden pin is excellent for rolling out any of our clay products. Use timber strips, of the appropriate thickness, as guides each side (keep within the width of the roller).

To clean (after using non-polymer clay) wash in warm, soapy water – but do not leave immersed in the water. Wipe dry and allow to dry fully, away from direct heat (which may crack the pin).

An occasional light rub down with abrasive paper will keep the pin free of unwanted texture.

A few coats of matt varnish (rub down between coats) will create a smoother surface.

Allow to fully dry before using the pin. In this case it would be best to wipe clean with a damp cloth to avoid the varnish flaking off.

A pyrography tool can be used to create patterns in the pin.

Why not use our laser-engraving service to create a unique pin with a bespoke design?......but don’t attempt to give it to a bride! Maybe the perfect gift for someone starting a catering business.

This treatment may also be used to put into the pin a negative of an impression you want to transfer to your clay piece (bricks, cobblestones).

Who knew a rolling pin could be an inspiration? Have fun.

The pin is not sold as food-safe.


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